Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Star Wars Orchestra

Joey's Birthday list

Diego with the octopus and submarine

Transformer robot camera

SpongeBob toys
Star Wars Lego toys
Lego General Grievous and his spaceship

Lego Luke and his ship with R2D2
Remote controlled mouse

A toy robot on a remote control
Toa Nuparu Bionicle

A SpongeBob game

Diego bicycle

That's all!

Knights of the Kingdom

Vladek has a sword. Vladek has a shield with a scorpion on it. I do not know why he does. He has a spiky mask. He is Vladek. I don't know where he lives. Oh yeah, he lives in a castle. He's the bad guy in Knights of the Kingdom. He tries to destroy the good guys because he is a bad guy. He just is. That's all.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Duncleosteus have armor plates for teeth. They live in water in real life. They eat meat like fish. I don't know how big they were. They are really long. They are 8 feet long. It's in a museum in Ohio. A skeleton is chasing it. I don't know what the skeleton is. That's all.