Monday, March 24, 2008

The story of the robot dogs

At night a man was sleeping. And then the robot dog came in his house. And then when it was daytime the robot dog was still in his house. And then he thought the robot dog was on remote control. Then the robot dog walked and knocked the man down and walked over the man. And then a different robot robot dog that was a bad guy came up to the house with the the big robot dog and tried to knock it down, but the good robot dog bounced off of his leg. It was still standing and only the good robot dog's missiles could destroy it. And then the good robot dog shot one of his missiles and it blew up. And then the man always had the robot dog knocking down the bad guy robot dogs.


Anonymous said...

Some robot dogs are creepy.

Grandma Dorinda said...

Hi Joey!
You are an extremely imaginative story teller! Some of these robots give me the "swishes" (scare me). Don't they scare you?
Love, Grandma Dorinda